Do you love dogs?

Hello, I’m Chrissie, writer of the story and screenplay. I run this site and the Whittenbury Watch. I also love dogs. 


“Haymaker, what say you, can we achieve the impossible?”

Which is why I chose one in my tale to serve as the voice of the animal kingdom. The dog is a Samoyed, one of the oldest breeds, and he’s called Malachi – which means ‘Messenger’.

Are you going to take action now to save our Earth?

Imagine what some of the majestic animals must think of us humans today? And they say elephants never forget! The statistics on the number of species facing extinction is truly alarming as the human race struggles to balance ‘progress’ with living in harmony with nature.  Population numbers continue to soar unchecked worldwide, whilst deforestation, poaching, pollution and loss of habitat abounds.  There is also significant evidence that industrialisation is warming the world. Efforts to turn the tide have been largely ineffective. I wanted to do my bit to help change hearts and minds and inspire action.

Is the Earth enchanted?

My vision is also to go beyond the practical and explore the idea held by many, including our ancestors, that planet Earth is a living entity in its own right.  Perhaps the Earth has a spirit – Gaia? Just because we can’t experience something with our senses doesn’t mean its not real!

Have you ever searched for buried treasure?

Artists and writers often claim some external influence on their work. I’m very fortunate to have access to nature on my door step. I took inspiration from it and the strange events that fed my imagination. Oddly, most of the ideas in the story came to me in my dreams, through chance encounters and weird events – a trapped bird I set free from my conservatory on the morning IT all began, a blue ribbon I found dangling from a tree in rarely visited ancient woodland, a lost horseshoe discovered by chance in a huge field. When I first published the story online a bat swept into my lounge – apparently its supposed to be a good omen!

Yet, what followed has been a struggle to raise awareness, secure downloads and get people to read my story.  I sought a sign. I shuffled a pack of cards and turned over the top one.  It was the King of Diamonds. It was a 1 in 52 chance! What’s special about that card? It means, ‘A man with Earth predominating in his chart. A man of authority, status or influence’.  That man is just like the Earth Emperor in my story!

Do we reap what we sow?

I’m passionate about the natural world and recently recruited members for my local Wildlife Trust and volunteered for the Animal Care Trust.  Prior to that I worked for many years in the UK Civil Service, which honed my writing skills. I’ve read countless novels, from classic literature to modern-day classics. It gave me an insight on how to write a great story and nurtured a hunger in me to have a go. I researched extensively on the time period, places and famous people in my story.

Do you believe in happy endings?

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you are inspired to download the e-book.  I’m so grateful for the invaluable help and feedback from everyone who commented on the early versions. I’m really delighted with the positive feedback from those who have read the story.