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Q60a: Is Life Logical?

It’s so much more than mere coincidence! The Earth Emperor and Mother Nature are reaching out to us. Do we have the answers?

The Whittenbury Watch captures real world events linked to the Earth Emperor’s mystical Haymakers Survey.  Only now in this time of crisis for the Earth and all its creatures is the true magic behind the questions becoming clear.

Charles Lamb’s diary tells how the questions in the Haymakers Survey emerged on Christmas Day 1821. The Watch began in 2007 when the first batch of questions were discovered and shared with the world. The final twenty questions were unearthed and added in 2015.

The Watch now has 200 mysterious connexions between the story and real life.  There is no FAKE NEWS here. All the reports are linked to the questions and key themes in the story. 

Spoiler Alert: The examples in the Watch reveal parts of the plot in The Earth Emperor’s Eye.  You are strongly recommended to read the story before exploring too many.



I-Spy the Earth Emperor's Eye