The Runaway Horse

Mysterious images resembling a flying black horse have been caught on video in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Sceptics claim it was simply a balloon, whilst others say it was a black plastic bag caught in a storm. Others argue it was a sign from the Heavens.

Well, the opening scenes of The Earth Emperor’s Eye recount…

” “Do it for Lucy… for all our sakes, please I beg of you… make haste!” With those last words she moved away from me more quickly than I could have ever imagined possible. With a quickening pace his horse draws near. I looked along the bridleway. The greenery about Keeper’s Cottage hid whatever was approaching. There was a fury and an energy present that alarmed me. I wondered, for a moment, if this was Julia’s malevolent Grim Dread. Thankfully not, for a rampant steed emerged…”

In the story, the runaway horse is symbolic of the human Pac-Man consuming all before it.  Saudi Arabia is the world’s most dominant oil producer and exporter, providing the means of production behind the consumption. So, is the Earth Emperor warning us to change our ways?

I-Spy the Earth Emperor's Eye