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Dismayed at our neglect of his planet, a mystical Earth Emperor challenges humanity to a chilling game of ‘Live or Let Die’. However, if the cursed and insidious Grim Dread has its way there will be only one outcome – the demise of the animal kingdom.

Thankfully, Mother Nature has her allies, including aspiring Earth Champion, Ben Whittenbury, his psychic wife, Julia, and their secretive daughter, Sarah.  Bewitched by a two hundred year old painting, the Whittenbury’s seek sanctuary from the modern world in a remote cottage in rural Hertfordshire.  But their tranquillity is short-lived for the spirit world comes calling with haunting messages linked to the quill of Charles Lamb, a tragic British writer from the 19th century.

As the Whittenbury’s become embroiled in an enchanted quest, love, it seems, knows no boundaries. Does truth lie amid local myth or hide deep in the hearts of close neighbours? And what’s to be made of mystical carvings within ancient Royston Cave and the arrival of a maverick dog who serves as the ‘voice of the animal kingdom’?”

An epic, mildly controversial, but inspirational adventure of love and betrayal spanning two centuries.  Contains some scenes of violence and sexual content.

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Earth Emperor’s Eye – Reviews

Author's Note

I seek originality in my work, so experimented with an 'I am' approach to tell the story, but on reflection feel it distracts from the narrative. I'm currently re-working the tale to make it an easier read.  A revised version should be available in the late spring 2018.

In 2017, I adapted The Earth Emperor's Eye into a screenplay.

I have just finished a new unrelated story 'When Children Dream of Christmas' for children aged 8-13. More details to follow shortly...

Reader reviews on Amazon

What an incredible story!

"The author tackled a challenging theme superbly. I think its the first book of its kind to really succeed. The environmental message is handled subtly and immersed in a wonderful, intricate story of sub-plots, ghosts and a strangely unnerving Grim Dread. We all love an intelligent villian!"

A marvellous and inventive book.

"A very original read, full of surprises, wit and unexpected romance. The story had complexity and depth that came together brilliantly towards the end."

It's time to seek out the answers and explore...

" If you like riddles and to question the wonders (and cost?) of a modern, commercially-drive life, then this is the book for you. Focused on a family and a magical talking dog (of course!), it asks fundamental questions about art, love, nature and YOU."