Smiling Volcano

The Kilauea volcano in Hawaii has erupted, however the volcano appears to be “smiling”

The pictures of what look like eyes and a smile can be seen from above the volcano’s crater..


Pictures from the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii, also show lava reaching the ocean for first time since 2013.

The smile is somewhat sinister. It’s curious because in the Earth Emperor’s Eye we have a smiley face logo to sign off a warning note from the future left by Mabon which muses over the perilous plight of planet Earth.  The first documented account of the volcano erupting was in 1823, when the volcano was first put under observation. Oddly its the same year in which Charles Lamb’s journal takes place! The name Kilauea means ‘spewing’ or ‘much spreading’. Perhaps this is Mother Nature’s way of trying to convince the world to heed The Earth Emperor’s Eye and the deep magic of this Watch?

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