Runaway Unicorn

A runaway unicorn sparked a four-hour pursuit by the emergency services in Madera County, California.

unicorn medera

In reality the ‘unicorn’ was a white pony adorned with a spiral horn who had fled a girls’ birthday party.  According to local police some onlookers mistook the pony for the mythical unicorn.

It’s another curious coincidence with events in The Earth Emperor’s Eye when young Sarah takes to flight on a unicorn as part of her birthday celebrations.

The location of the unicorn’s antics is interesting too. Madera is Spanish for lumber. Aside from the deforestation links, lumber literally means to be turgid and take things very slowly. Is this a reflection to Joe Public largely ignoring the novel and this Watch?  It’s something seemingly endorsed by the image of the unicorn posted by its owner, which carries the surname BOOs! The Earth Emperor is not amused!

unicorn madera2

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