Pluto’s Heart

The New Horizon’s spacecraft has discovered an amazing feature – Pluto’s heart!

pluto heart

Pluto’s Heart

The beautiful picture of a heart-shaped feature was captured in a series of close ups of the distant dwarf planet on the edge of our solar system.

New Horizons is the fastest spacecraft ever launched, and is passing Pluto at a speed greater than 30,000 miles per hour. It’s journey to Pluto — a 9-year, 3 billion-mile journey — took about 52 seconds less than predicted when the craft was launched in January 2006, according to NASA. A release says “the spacecraft threaded the needle through a 36-by-57 mile (60-by-90 kilometer) window in space — the equivalent of a commercial airliner arriving no more off target than the width of a tennis ball.” A NASA official added, “We’re just scratching the surface of our solar system. This is true exploration.”

The heart-shape is a delightful surprise because in The Earth Emperor’s Eye Mother Nature cherishes the value of Art, Love and Nature represented in the Three of Hearts playing card. It is her most prized possession in respong to the threat posed by the Grim Dread. Is this the real lesson for humanity? We are on the edge but salvation is still at hand, thank’s to Ben!

Three of Hearts

Art, Love and Nature

I-Spy the Earth Emperor's Eye