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Have you ever kept a journal?

Charles Lamb’s journal extracts in the story are entirely fictional. However, to bring authenticity and realism to the journal extensive research was undertaken on the 18th century English essayist, including studying the following books:

charles lamb blakesware

Charles Lamb

  • Charles Lamb – His Homes and Haunts by S L Bensusan. Published 1919
  • Charles Lamb and his Hertfordshire by Reginald L Hine. Published 1949
  • The Lambs of London by Peter Ackroyd. Published 2004

Many of Charles’ sayings and popular quotes are included in the fictional journal. It also captures his writing style, character and life.

Are all the members of the Blakesware Set real people?

All but a few of them. The tale harnesses the best of some of Britain’s most famous creative personalities in the hope of inspiring a global change in behaviour towards the natural world. There’s Samuel Coleridge,  William Wordsworth, Mary Shelley (author of Frankenstein) and many more. It’s essentially a call to arms for Mother Nature.

Have you ever played ‘hide and seek’?

Little point trying to find Blakesware Manor. Sadly, the original manor burnt down in the 19th century. It’s ill-fated demise is captured in the novel as is the architecture and layout, based on research and evidence from Charles Lamb who often stayed at the Manor as a child.

Why include scenes of the Puckeridge Hunt?

The story is loaded with symbolism. Humans have a special bond with dogs and horses and they feature prominently in the tale. During Charles Lamb’s time, hounds from the Puckeridge were kennelled at Blakesware Manor.  Their inclusion in the story is neither an endorsement nor a criticism of the activity. Rather, the Puckeridge Hunt’s involvement is an allegory of Big Game trophy hunting and demonstrates ‘man the hunter’ being hunted.

Are the carvings in Royston Cave real?

Royston cave is a remarkable man-made dome in the Hertfordshire town of Royston. The fascinating and mysterious carvings provoke much debate on their purpose and who put them there.


Royston Cave Carvings

Are all the examples in the Whittenbury Watch genuine?

Absolutely.  No fake news here!  The events feature if they relate to questions and themes within the story.  The unimaginative argue these are not messages from Gaia but merely confirmation bias.  Others may say that the coincidences are intriguing.  Let’s keep an open mind.

Is there a screenplay?

A screenplay was completed in 2017.  There are nine episodes and over eight hours of viewing. The novel’s content and format is being updated to better reflect the screenplay. The revised novel will available by Summer 2018.


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