Oroville Dam

One of the worst storms in decades has struck Southern California, bringing flash floods and contributing to the Oroville Dam overflowing in dramatic fashion. Fearing the worst, over 180,000 were evacuated from low-lying areas around the Feather River Basin because of an anticipated failure of the emergency spillway and fears that it might collapse.

Thankfully, after deterioration of the main spillway largely stabilized and the water level of the dam’s reservoir dropped below the top of the emergency spillway, the evacuation order was lifted.

There’s a recurring message in The Earth Emperor’s Eye, which is, ‘water water everywhere, nor any drop to drink’, whilst in the original tale told in The Haymakers Survey, Malachi mimics the puppet Orville, saying, ‘I wish I could fly rigt up to the sky, but I can’t.’ Odd that this should happen now, just as the finishing touches are being made to the screenplay. Are you watching Hollywood?

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