Mision cumplida Chile!

‘Mision cumplida Chile’ was the sign held up by the rescue workers after they returned 33 trapped miners to the surface. In English it means ‘Mission accomplished Chile!’

mision cumplida chile

The world watched in joyful wonder as one by one the miners returned to life to be greeted by loved ones. Each had their own stories to tell and reacted in their own way to being rescued.  The miners survived underground for a record 68 to 69 days.  One account claimed, “A deep religious faith powered this rescue; miners, rescuers and families alike believe their prayers were answered.”

The Chilean president declared the rescue a miracle.  Our previous post about the trapped miners showed the links with The Haymakers Survey, including the biblical conclusion ‘ out of the depths I cried unto the’.  The second miner to be rescued brought rocks to the surface as momentos, and we have shown, ‘I tell you with these stones I can raise children’. Whilst another miner asked when he reached the surface, “How the’s dog?'” Was this a testament to Malachi -our messenger?

Might the great escape serve as a message to humanity – that we can achieve great things together against all odds and that there’s a task to be done – to take proper care of this fragile Earth!

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