Millions of Peanut Bunker Fish Die in New Jersey Creek

Millions of fish, commonly known as peanut bunker fish, have washed up dead in a New Jersey creek at Keansburg, USA.


The 3-4 inch fish likely died because of low oxygen levels in the water, according to Bob Considine of the State’s Department of Environmental Protection. Considine said predatory fish probably chased the peanut bunkers into Waackaack Creek, where they encountered the stagnant, low-oxygen water and died.

The gruesome sight led the owner of the Lentze marina at Keansburg to suggest, “It looked like it was covered with solid grave – you couldn’t see the water.”

However, this was no freak of nature. Indeed if the Earth Emperor is up to his tricks the peanut fish were sacrificed in an ironic gesture to highlight the state of our oceans. Why so? Well in the novel peanuts is a term adopted by the Whittenbury’s to describe people who deny or ignore the environmental and ecological threats faced by the planet and its creatures.



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