Little Rock

On New Year’s Eve around 2,000 red-winged blackbirds mysteriously plunged to their death covering a one mile area of Beebe Arkansas in America.


Local residents describe the event as like a scene from a horror movie. The birds showed signs of physical trauma leading one ornithologist to suggest they may have been killed by lightning or high altitude hail. Perhaps there’s a deeper meaning?

Blackbirds arkansas

The state capital of Arkansas is Little Rock, which is uncanny as ‘little rocks’ in our story are key. Little Rock was named in 1821 the same year as Charles Lamb’s journal. Arkansas’s nickname is The Natural State due to its wilderness and beauty. Also, the State of Arkansas begins as 33.00 N latitude – and the number 3 is significant in our tale.

Here’s the City of Little Rock emblem…


Although not normally seen as a sign of bad luck, the blackbird is sometimes regarded as a symbol of vigilance -with the bird’s clear cry warning of danger. The Red Winged version suggests STOP! Here’s the Beatles song ‘Blackbird’ written after Sir Paul McCartney witnessed events in Little Rock unfold during the civil rights struggles.

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