Light of the World

A unique Roman lantern made of bronze has been discovered in a field in Sudbury, Suffolk by Danny Mills – a young metal detector enthusiast. The lantern’s believed to be the only one of its kind in Britain. Dating from around the 3rd century AD the object’s been restored to its former glory by Emma Hogarth, Conservator at Colchester and Ipswich museums. Emma was amazed that the chains that suspend the lantern showed no sign of corrosion and move like any modern chain.

Sudbury Roman lantern

Charles Lamb’s journal tells how a lantern is used when entering mystical Royston cave. Here’s the extract:

“Stukeley hung his perforated lantern on a swivelling hook. Before it settled its light settled like a pendulum casting shadows that danced about the cave. As the carvings flickered in the unnatural light I wondered about the invisible people from days gone by whose feet had traversed the floor of the cave, whose hands had carved the figures into the stone. What would they make of us?”

I-Spy the Earth Emperor's Eye