Jasper – We Did It

Using a metal detector, James Hyatt, a 3 year old boy from Essex has unearthed an engraved 500 year old gold locket estimated to be worth £2.5m. Believed to have once belonged to royalty the locket carries an engraving of a woman – assumed to be the Virgin Mary holding a crucifix and depicts a rose bud. The figure is also standing on a mesh or web. On the reverse are five bleeding hearts. On the sides are the names of the three kings or Magi who visited Christ after his birth, including Jaspar in Latin. Experts believe the locket once held alleged parts of Christ’s thorn of crowns.

boy finds locket

James found the lost treasure in a field near Hockley when out with his father. James said, “I was holding the detector and it went beep, beep, beep. Then we dug in the mud and there was gold there”.

James Hyatt Hockley locket

Tra, la! Let me see – the discovery of a gold locket beside a web-log, and the use of a metal detector to seek lost treasure. It’s all very familiar.

We believe the discovery is priceless. It vindicates the messages in the Whittenbury Watch. Afterall the very final words in the published first book are ‘To Jasper – we did it!” Do you believe my magic yet?

jasper gold


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