James and the Giant Grasshopper

The Earth Emperor still has a trick or two up his sleeve! In the soccer world cup in Brazil, a giant grasshopper landed on the arm of Columbia’s No 10 James Rodriguez during his country’s 2-1 defeat to the host nation.  Incredibly, the enormous bug clung to the world cup emblem on James’ shirt sleeve after he scored a penalty and celebrated, pumping his fist in delight.

james grasshopper

Question 10 in the Haymaker’s Survey is ‘Have you dreamed of being a champion?” Columbia’s No 10, James Rodriguez has arguably been the star of the tournament, scoring six times, including a spectacular volley against Uruguay, whilst other No 10s have shone in the competition, including Neymar and Messi.

Interestingly, the game took place on American Independence Day, which is telling because of the significance of the ‘Yankee doodle’ anthem in ‘The Earth Emperor’s Eye’. Given Ben’s love of The Beatles, it’s also weird that last May Sir Paul McCartney had a concert in Brazil invaded by grasshoppers.  A touch of deja vu!

As the precious tropical rainforest is in Brazil, is this a call for champions to lead a revolution to preserve the natural world? After all, in the original Haymakers Survey novel (page 19) Ben tells how he used to dream of lifting the soccer world cup, before pondering the symbolism – the trophy represents the glorious gift of life on planet Earth.

Did not Ben cry with fist aloft when he made his Nature Champion pledge, “Now is the time for action!”

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