Hollywood at Royston Cave

Hollywood has come to Royston Cave today in the shape of the singer and actress, Nia Peeples, star of Pretty Little Liars.  Nia was born in Hollywood, California.

It’s a very strange coincidence because Royston Cave features heavily in The Earth Emperor’s Eye and the screenplay was recently submitted to Appian Way Productions in Hollywood.  Nia also chose to visit the cave on the day of the annual Earth Hour event, designed to raise awareness on climate change.  Perhaps Nia is touting for the role of Julia Whittenbury?

Another oddity is Nia is famed for ‘Pretty Little Liars‘.  The submission to Leonardo Di Caprio mentioned the TV Series ‘Pretty Little Lies‘, staring Nicole Kidman and Reece Witherspoon, and proposed he star in his own mini-series too – The Earth Emperor’s Eye!

Leonardo, ‘Out of the depths I cried unto the.’

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