Hamster Houdini

Honey the hamster had a miraculous escape after a fire swept through an 18th century flat on Market Hill, Sudbury, Suffolk.  She was discovered five days after the incident.

Honey the hamster

Honey’s owner, Ms Jackson, 52, who works for local firm Delphi, said: “I really thought I’d lost her. I’m still blown away. I can’t believe it.

“We had to leave in a matter of minutes and the only way out was the kitchen window, but the cage was too big so I just quickly covered it in a coat and left it by the window and hoped for the best.

“She probably just carried on being a hamster – eating and drinking and playing on her wheel – not knowing what was going on.”

honey hamster fire

So what’s the link with The Earth Emperor’s Eye? Readers will know that Sarah keeps a hamster with a magical secret and there’s a symbolic 18th century blaze late in the tale which represents a pheonix rising from the flames. Sarah likens her hamster to Houdini because he’s an escapologist. Perhaps Honey’s miraculous escape is a message to us that despite a stream of negative news about nature’s struggle in the industrial world, there is still hope!

I-Spy the Earth Emperor's Eye