Gone With The Wind

We have two tales of curious enormous inflatables ‘Gone with the Wind’.

Giant Inflatable Moon

First, a giant inflatable moon has rolled around the streets of a Chinese city after being cut loose by strong winds from Typhoon Meranti. In bizarre scenes, amateur video shows the part-deflated moon rolled over the top of traffic, pedestrians and a construction site in Fuzhou, capital of southeast China’s Fujian Province.


In one scene, a woman pushing a motor bike struggles to make up her mind how to react as she ducks for cover when the moon steamrolls its way towards her.  People filming the moon from cars can be heard laughing at the strange sight.


The balloon had been held at The Mid-Autumn Festival, a lunar calendar-based event in which Chinese people enjoy family reunions, admire the moon and eat moon cakes to celebrate. Locals have called it the “furious moon,” saying it made the festival more interesting.

Giant Inflatable Duck

A MASSIVE inflatable DUCK was blown across a busy road after it broke free in high winds. The yellow bird was spotted bouncing across Hillington Road, Glasgow, by stunned motorists.

Peter Vardy Duck

Peter Vardy Duck

It’s believed the duck was blown from a nearby car dealership. One motorist took to Twitter to report that the duck had come into contact with her car. Police said they were aware of the incident but wouldn’t comment further.

Peter Vardy Duck

Peter Vardy Duck

So what does this have to do with The Earth Emperor’s Eye? Well, in the tale the moon has a tremendous role, including in helping to fulfil the dreams of the Lady of Markyate. As for the duck, visitors to the White Horse public house enter under the sign ‘duck or grouse’. It’s an enigma and reflects the choice humanity is faced with as Mother Nature struggles due to our consumerism and industrialisation of planet Earth. We’d be quackers to find many of our iconic creatures are Gone with the Wind! Sadly it must seem to her that humanity doesn’t give a damn! Let’s prove her wrong, afterall tomorrow is another day!

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