Dead Man’s Fingers

News of a grim discovery in Sheringham Park, Norfolk by one of the volunteers helping to care for the landscaped park and gardens.  Amid the beauty of the emerging blooms they were alarmed to see what appeared to be a hand emerging from the ground.  It turned out to be a fungi called ‘Dead Man’s Fingers’.

dead mans fingers

The grounds are popular with visitors and staff alike and the presence of the creepy fingers is clearly an added attraction.

So, what’s the connection? In The Earth Emperor’s Eye, some characters encounter the very same fungi at the point where the Murderous Pie Man of Ware is rumoured to be buried. The fungi feature again in the tale as part of the emergence of the Grim Dread.  A further curious connexion, especially as Sheringham Park is host to Sheringham Hall, which over the main door to the western facade there is a pendiment with the Upcher crest – the family who comissioned the build. The crest features a unicorn and five ostrich feathers – all significant in the tale in helping to confront the Grim Dread.

upcher crest

The Upcher crest also appears to include the face of three foxes! The mystery deepens.

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