Snow Pumpkins and the Temple of Floods

The 26 October ‘Ides of March’ post anticipated Mother Nature would put on a show to the developed world as a wake up call.

Well, just days after North-Eastern Americans were basking in an Indian Summer, temperatures plummeted 40 degrees as heavy snowfall swept in. New York City and the East Coast were hit with snowfall before Halloween for the first time since records began.

pumpkins in snow

Parts of the North East received more than two feet of snow as records for October tumbled.  This is climate chaos in action. Warmer global temperatures is bringing more extreme weather events.

Take Thailand, the ‘Land of the Smiling Faces’ is experiencing prolonged flooding after heavy monsoon rains in July. Much of the country is underwater with many thousands of people displaced with the threat of insect-borne disease.

Temple of Floods

It’s a humanitarian crisis, possibly forewarned by the most amazing celestial vision in the Eastern hemisphere.

Smile in the Sky

The Earth Emperor keeps smiling despite the rise of the Grim Dread!

I-Spy the Earth Emperor's Eye