When April Beaver’s 16 year old son, Caleb, passed away last Christmas, she thought she’d never hear his heartbeat again. Caleb was an athletic, musically gifted son who fell ill suddenly on 23 December.

caleb beaver

After Caleb’s death, April prayed for a sign for Caleb and a chance to be close to her son again. The following morning she received a letter from Dr Charles Shelton, the man who received Caleb’s heart on 26 December.  Charles had wanted to thank the Beaver family in person for the live saving gift.  They conversed and April was given a chance to reconnect with her son when she met Charles and his family.

The emotional encounter took place in a Mississipi airport. April put on a stethoscope to listen to Caleb’s heart beating in the chest of Dr Charles Shelton. “Yes! That’s Caleb,” said the boy’s mother. “That’s Caleb. It’s so strong!”

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