Yggdrasil Dying?

The British government’s emergency committee has met to discuss the potentially devastating impact of Ash Dieback. In an attempt to control the spread of the disease some 100,000 trees have been destroyed since symptoms first emerged in East Anglia last spring. Fears grow that the Ash could endure the grim fate of the Dutch Elm in the 1980s.

Ash Dieback, also know as Chalara Fraxinea, has claimed over 90% of Ash trees in Denmark. In Nordic mythology an immense Ash tree is also the Tree of Life or Yggdrasil and considered very holy.


Legend has it that once Yggdrasil dies then the world we know will be changed forever.  Yggdrasil is the heartbeat of the Haymakers so the demise of the Ash tree is of great concern.  As the mighty Yggdrasil trembles what might mankind’s prolonged abuse of the natural world unleash? Are we ready to face the new dawn?

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