Ye Olde Pie Shop

A £5 note worth £50,000 has been spent in Ye Olde Pie Shop in Leicestershire.

The note is one of only four in circulation containing a tiny portrait of the author, Jane Austin. The portrait is circled by the quote, ‘I hope I never ridicule what is wise or good.’

The notes were issued by Mr Short, a specialist micro-engineer, to commerate the 200th anniversary of Jane Austin’s death. The notes have been described as akin to the ‘Willy Wonka Golden Tickets’.

Stephen Hallam, from the shop is quoted as saying “every £5 note is not inspected with a magnifying glass”, but admitted the notes in the shop were “scrutinised” after they were told on Monday that Mr Short had visited the shop. However, the special note could not be found. “I’m still here making pork pies… I’m not flying off to Barbados,” Mr Hallam said.

It’s another remarkable coincidence with The Earth Emperor’s Eye given Mrs Baker’s pies and the link with Leicester and the Foxes.

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