The Trump Card

The famous physicist, Stephen Hawking, has marked his 75th birthday with a stark warning that American President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change has put the future of life on Earth in serious danger.  The eminent scientist fears that the move could push the planet towards irreversible da [...]

The Wasp Eater

The Wasp Eater
Costa Rica President Luis Guillermo Solis has eaten a wasp live during a media conference at an asphalt plant in Paso Real (Real Step in English). The insect entered his mouth mid-sentence. Unfazed, the president cried, “I ate the wasp, I ate the wasp”. The curiosity here is that in The Earth Emperor’s Eye a ghost wasp haun [...]

Hollywood at Royston Cave

Hollywood at Royston Cave
Hollywood has come to Royston Cave today in the shape of the singer and actress, Nia Peeples, star of Pretty Little Liars.  Nia was born in Hollywood, California. It’s a very strange coincidence because Royston Cave features heavily in The Earth Emperor’s Eye and the screenplay was recently submitted to Appian Way Productions in Hollywo [...]

You Got to Have Faith

You Got to Have Faith
Stella McCartney’s models burst into a surprise rendition of George Michael’s song Faith at the Paris Fashion show this week. They repeatedly sang the line, ‘You got to have faith,’ in tribute to the late singer. It’s another strange coincidence because the line, ‘You got to have faith,’ sung by George Michael in Xanadu was added to The Eart [...]

Hayemaker’s Achilles’ Hee...

Hayemaker’s Achilles’ Heel
British heavyweight boxer David Haye suffered an unexpected defeat in a bout with Tony Bellow. The fighter, known as the Hayemaker, injured an Achilles tender in his leg after a knockdown in round six.  Haye’s power and poise was severely impacted but he fought on bravely until eventually conceding in round 11. The Hayemaker’ [...]


The 2017 Academy Awards has been plagued by a mysterious mix-up for the award of Best Picture.  Hollywood veterans, Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty declared La La Land the victor, until we learnt that Moonlight was actually the winner.  Before producer Fred Berger could wrap up his thank you, another producer, Jordan Horowitz, cut in [...]

Witness the Whittenbury Watch

Q: Do you believe in miracles?

Our ancestors believed in miracles too. Religions the world over talk of divine intervention and acts that defy belief. The Earth Emperor’s Eye is a maker of modern day miracles. NO FAKE NEWS here. Behold the wonder that is the Whittenbury Watch.

Q60a: Is Life Logical?

It's so much more than mere coincidence!

The Watch shows us the deep magic of The Haymakers Survey questions and themes revealed in the tale. Are we witnessing Gaia's Glory in a last ditch attempt to change humanity? The Watch now has 200 mysterious connexions between the story and real world events.

Spoiler Alert: The examples in the Watch reveal parts of the plot in The Earth Emperor’s Eye.  You are strongly recommended to read the story before exploring too many.

Note: The Watch examples shown here are being updated with stories migrated from the old watch.



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