Wanted: Dead or Alive

Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro

On 23 September – the autumn equinox – a woman in Boca Raton, Florida, USA survived 45 minutes without a pulse after complications from a caesarean section.

ruby graupera cassimiro

A team of doctors spent three hours trying to bring Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro back to life after she suffered a rare aminiotic fluid embolism after the birth of her child. Doctors were ready to pronounce her dead, but then, miraculously, she spontaneously resuscitated. Ms Graupera-Cassimiro, a human resources manager, suffered no brain damage or complications. Medics at the hospital cannot explain her survival, with one saying her case was one of ‘divine providence’.

A City for All Seasons

Interesting! Not only did this occur on Mabon, but Boca Raton is known as ‘A City for All Seasons’. It’s also home to the Boca Corporate Center and Campus, which was originally one of IBMs research labs where the PC was created.  The campus was designed with self-sufficiency in mind.  Notably, still left standing inside the old IBM complex is the office and conference table where Bill Gates signed his historic deal to supply IBM with the Microsoft MS-DOS operating system for its personal computer line. The technology was the foundation for our current electronic devices, including e-books!

Jon Bon Jovi

The singer and musician, Jon Bon Jovi, is one of Boca Raton’s most notable residents.  Jon is a philanthropist and has worked on behalf of the American Red Cross and Habitat and Humanity. He also has his own foundation and played as part of the ‘Live Earth’ concert at the Meadowlands in 2007.  Two of his songs had a strong influence on The Earth Emperor’s Eye – ‘Wanted: Dead or Alive’ and his cover of Sir Paul McCartney’s song, ‘Live or let die’.

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