Strawberry Frogs Forever

In Sandhurst, Gloucestershire there’s an award winning museum and art gallery. It is the world’s first dedicated to art inspired by Nature.  Aside from the aesthetic and cultural appeal, we’re drawn to it because of magical events in nearby Quedgeley.

frog strawberry

The village has close connections with the RAF. Its official name was No 7 Maintenance Unit, RAF Quedgeley with the motto, Omnibus Ubique Servimus which means, “We Serve All, Everywhere”.

‘The Haymaker’s Survey’ tells how if you put a frog in a jar of water and slowly heat it the frog will die as it fails to react in time to the danger. It’s a parable often used to highlight the threat of global warming.  Is it mere coincidence that a tropical tree frog has been discovered amongst strawberries purchased by Donna Hunt from a local Tesco store in Quedgeley? She found the frog at the bottom of her fridge and thought at first it was a mouldy strawberry.

I-Spy the Earth Emperor's Eye