Pie in Space

A meat and potato pie has been launched into space attached to a weather balloon. Space enthusiasts from Sheffield based ‘Sent into space’ launched the pie because they wanted to see if the experience would change the pie’s molecular structure, making it easier to eat. They attached a camera to track the pie’s progress.

Although the pie took ‘one giant leap for pie kind’ it never quite made it. Tethered to a high-altitude weather balloon, its progress monitored by an onboard camera, the celebrated northern concoction, complete with foil tray, rose to a point 29 miles above the Earth’s crust. It remained in the air for more than two hours before beginning a graceful descent into a field 38 miles away from its launchpad. First indications were that it did not reheat on entry.

Another curious example about pies linked to The Earth Emperor’s Eye. The magic just keeps coming.

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