Pie Bet

A reserve keeper has caused a Pie Bet scandal. Wayne Shaw, 46, who plays for Sutton United was caught on TV eating a pie in the team’s dug out. He has since resigned amid a betting scandal, with odds of 8-1 available for the touchline stunt. Wayne has claimed that none of his family or friends benefitted from the pie man’s exploits.

Who ate all the pies?

Apparently the Arsenal fans were goading the 23st keeper with chants of ‘who ate all the pies?’ so, for fun, he responded by obliging fans of the Gunners.

Perhaps his actions had a deeper meaning? We have a reserve keeper eating a pie to taunt the Gunners. The pie link to The Earth Emperor’s Eye is well established, because of the Murderous Pie Man of Ware. Could Wayne’s actions be symbolic of game reserve keepers in Africa and Asia battling with poachers? An anagram of Wayne Shaw is WAS NEW HAY so maybe Wayne was merely a pawn in a magical game? One that reveals how humanity is gambling with its future and that of the world’s rich array of wildlife.  The die is cast!

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