Out of the Blue

We’re very sad to report that Mike Edwards an early member of the British rock group the Electric Light Orchestra has been crushed by a giant bale of hay. 

ELO Mike Edwards

The bizarre accident happened near Totnes in Devon when the hay rolled down a steep hill and smashed into his van.  Police believe the 600kg bale fell from a tractor in nearby farmland.  The cellist was 62 years old and lived in Totnes – a place with a thriving centre for music, art and natural living.  It has a sizeable ‘New Age’ community. In 2007 Time magazine declared Totnes the captial of New Age Chic.

When ELO formed the idea was to take rock music in the direction that the Beatles had left off. The band’s debut album was called No Answer. The band’s second album produced its first big UK hit ‘Roll Over Beethoven’.  Perhaps the most popular album was Out of the Blue which featured the songs’ Turn to Stone, Mr Blue Sky, Sweet Talkin Woman and Wild West Hero.

Our condolences go to Mike Edwards and his family and friends. In celebration of his life and contribution to a fabulous pop group here’s ELOs version of Mr Blue Sky – “everybody’s in the hay”.


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