Mysterious Sky Spiral

A mysterious giant spiral of light span in the sky for 12 minutes above Tromso, Norway on the edge of the Arctic Circle.

Norway spiral light

It was accompanied by twisted beams of blue light from the centre of the spiral to the ground, rather like Maypole ribbons.  When the spiral stopped spinning it ‘went into itself’ and a black aperture appeared.

The display was seen all over Northern Norway. Here’s one the videos that captured the event…

A popular explanation is that it was a Russian missile fired from a submarine in the White Sea that spiralled out of control.  However, many people doubt this, including scientists.

Regardless, in our story a spiral of light appears in Royston Cave, Hertfordshire after the Samoyed messenger, Malachi, forces his way into the cave.  Strange, too, that this phenomena should take place in Norway – given the significance of Yggdrasil and Nordic legend in our tale. Tromso has been inhabited since the end of the ice-age and the Sami-culture – from which the Samoyed dog is linked – is the first known culture of the region.

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