Do you believe in magic?

Our ancestors believed in magic, which gave birth to legend and myth. Tales of demigods, witchcraft and wizardry, spells and curses, holy grails, swords that bestow divine power, and a round table around which the righteous govern. They spoke of giants, unicorns and fairies, and fearsome ‘undead’ creatures.

Have you ever played, ‘I-Spy with my little eye’?

But, there is one legend that has been lost in the midst of time. The most remarkable legend of all. It is a closely kept secret. Only those blessed with the Anja, or Third-Eye, can unlock the truth. Only those with absolute faith can witness it. Only now, in the face of such dark despair for Mother Nature and her creatures, has it dared to surface.

Have you ever put on a show?

I-Spy with my Earth Emperor’s Eye something beginning with…

S       H        O      W