Ibiza Sea Spiral

A mysterious giant sea spiral has appeared off the coast of Ibiza, between Sa Pedrera and the island of Vedra.

sea spiral ibiza

The strange spial formed shortly after a strong storm. It may be due to different water currents mixing, but curiously Sa Pedrera is also known as Atlantis, so perhaps it indicates a secret gateway to a sunken world?

However, from our perspective the spiral may be one in a series witnessed in this watch. The Earth Emperor’s Eye alerts us of the presence of spirals appearing as powerful reminders from Mother Nature of the fragility of life on Earth.  It’s significant that the spiral should appear at Ibiza, the mystical White Isle in the sun famed for its hippie influence and embracing the spirit of freedom and love.

Hippie ibiza

The period really started in the 1960’s – the Summer of Love – a time much revered by Ben Whittenbury.  At the time Ibiza was the European equivalent of San Francisco.  It became a spiritual home for artists and those embracing freedom and love. There’s also a hippie market on the island.

I-Spy the Earth Emperor's Eye