I Am Your Queen

“Let me pass, I am your Queen”, are words allegedly spoken in 1821 by Caroline of Brunswick as she attempted to enter Westminster Hall at the coronation of her estranged husband King George IV.  There’s a Queen Caroline in my tale as an allegory of how humanity behaves towards Mother Nature.Trial of Queen Caroline

Curiously, at a time when Queen Caroline’s portrait features in an exhibition at the National Gallery, London we find that Queensland, Australia is experiencing the worst cyclone in recorded history. Cyclone Yasi is a category five with winds of 186mph. The storm follows quickly on the heels of recent record floods.  The storm hit the shore at Cardland. Queensland’s president is warning of devestation on an unprecedented scale. It presents an extremely serious threat to life and property.  A tidal surge of some 30ft is expected in some areas.

I-Spy the Earth Emperor's Eye