I Am The Earth Emperor

Thousands of birds flying over the New York skyline came together at dusk to momentarily form a human face. The startling image was caught on a video by a tourist on a bus approaching the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn.


I Am the Earth Emperor

Some people have likened the face to the Russian President Putin, but we know differently.

In the Earth Emperor’s Eye a flock of jackdaws come together briefly to form the figure of the Earth Emperor. They do so at the point where the Emperor commences his game of Live or Let Die.  The Williamsburg Bridge featured in the Bond movie of that name. In the tale, the Earth Emperor is also partial to dancing to Puttin on the Ritz when introducing himself.  A further coincidence is that the birds performance occured in August 2015, just a few days prior to the birthday of the novel’s author.

Here’s the short video. Make your own minds up, but the magic keeps coming.

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