I Am – Leona Lewis

Former X-Factor winner Leona Lewis’ new album due to be released in September is called ‘I Am’. One of the tracks from the album carries the same name and was released recently.

I am

It’s curious because in The Earth Emperor’s Eye, Ben Whittenbury speculates whether the human race has the X-Factor. Parts of the tale are told through responses to 100 mystical questions and begin with the characters stating, ‘I am… ”  As the story unfolds, Mother Nature reveals the reason for this.

A closer look at some of the lyrics from Leona’s song could almost be taken directly from the novel. What is Mother Nature trying to say?:

“First steps that I was making on this new planet. Never done, found all I wanted.”

“I am with or without you. I am, breathing without you. I am somebody without you. I am, I am.”

“I am free without you. I am stronger without you. Thought I would never rise again. But I am, I am.”

Here’s the song,

I-Spy the Earth Emperor's Eye