Haymakers Survey

Do you feel the power of the Haymakers Survey?

Human history has many famous philosophers, Aristole, Socrates and Plato. They, like us, have a head full of questions. What’s the meaning of life? Is there life after death? Is time travel possible?  We are indeed a most curious species. It is that very curiosity that leads to discovery, progress and solutions.

Sometimes I sit and think, and sometimes I just sit.

Do you like to have fun?

SPOILER ALERT – Only complete the Survey after reading the novel. You can only do it once!

Personal Invitation

I-Spy readers of The Earth Emperor's Eye.

I invite you to participate in a shortened version of the magical Haymakers Survey. There are just 33 questions with 33 answers. Just choose the answer you relate to the most. In doing so, can you discover the curious connection and the odd one out? Let's play!

Q1: Do you believe your life has a purpose?

1 out of 33

Q2: Are you an art lover?

2 out of 33

Q4: Can you keep a secret?

3 out of 33

Q5: Do you love dogs?

4 out of 33

Q8: Do you believe in fate?

5 out of 33

Q9: Do you believe in fairy tales?

6 out of 33

Q10: Have you ever dreamed of being a champion?

7 out of 33

Q11: Have you ever seen a ghost?

8 out of 33

Q12: Is our Earth enchanted?

9 out of 33

Q16: Have you ever had a psychic experience?

10 out of 33

Q19: Do you love hedgehogs?

11 out of 33

Q24: Do you believe in fairies?

12 out of 33

Q26: Do you love the Earth?

13 out of 33

Q35: Should a good life cost the Earth?

14 out of 33

Q36: Do you know how to have fun?

15 out of 33

Q38: Do you believe in magic?

16 out of 33

Q39: Can you play a musical instrument?

17 out of 33

Q40: Do you like surprises?

18 out of 33

Q43: Do you want a happy ending?

19 out of 33

Q50: Do you believe in miracles?

20 out of 33

Q52: Do you enjoy a bit of a mystery?

21 out of 33

Q62: Have you ever played 'I-Spy with my little eye'?

22 out of 33

Q64: Do you have a favourite flower?

23 out of 33

Q66: Does the Earth have a spirit?

24 out of 33

Q76: Are you going to take action now to save our Earth?

25 out of 33

Q80: Have you ever searched for buried treasure?

26 out of 33

Q84: Is time travel possible?

27 out of 33

Q86: Can you bring back the dead?

28 out of 33

Q88: What's next, 'Puttin' on the Ritz'?

29 out of 33

Q93: Do we reap what we sow?

30 out of 33

Q95: Would you like a piece of the pie?

31 out of 33

Q97: Shall we play 'hide and seek'?

32 out of 33

Q100: Do you believe in Father Christmas?

33 out of 33

Thank you for doing the Haymakers Survey. I-Spy a Haymaker extraordinaire! Well Earth Detective, did you uncover the connection and the odd one out? Simply click 'Submit Survey' to discover if you were right and to receive a surprise from the Earth Emperor.

Meanwhile, rejoice in knowing you are part of a movement at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius - the birth of a true fellowship between humanity and Nature on Earth. Let the sunshine!

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