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To Be, or Not to Be

‘To be, or not to be’, is a famous solilquy penned by William Shakespeare in his powerful  play,  The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.  The words are spoken by Prince Hamlet as he ponders whether to end his life or face his personal struggles and a passion for Ophelia. To cut a wonderful tale short, their love [...]

Painted Lady

The Painted Lady butterfly has a magical role in The Earth Emperor’s Eye, serving as a signal of renaissance and renewal when all hope seems lost. How poignant then that a colourful, shimmering spectacle detected by weather radar over the US state of Colorado has been identified as swarms of migrating butterflies – Painted Lady bu [...]

White Rabbit

A white rabbit has been baffled the internet by travelling alone around London on buses and the underground. The adventerous bunny has been spotted on a 254 bus to Holloway, Nag’s Head. It was also seen on a tube train at Hackney. Many who spotted it thought they were hallucinating and likened the bunny to the White Rabbit in Alice an [...]

Scott’s Lion

Scott Baldwin, a welsh rugby hooker, has been bitten by a lion at a South African game park after petting it through bars. Thankfully the injury wasn’t severe, though the player’s wound did require stitching. Scott was ridiculed for his actions, but perhaps there is more to this story than meets the eye? The incident took place in Bloemfont [...]


Allow me to introduce new visitors to the majestic ‘White Album’ mentioned by Mother Nature personified in The Earth Emperor’s Eye. In the tale she claims that pure white in the natural world is both rare and special, and that creatures that are albino or leucism are her way of conveying how precious, fragile and majestic li [...]

Stand and Deliver

In The Earth Emperor’s Eye the Grim Dread is infatuated with the Wicked Lady of Markyate, an infamous Hertfordshire highway woman. The tale also features mysterious glowing orbs of light used by the Earth Emperor to help create and nurture life on Earth.  Dick Turpin – Stand and Deliver Well, in Bracknell, Berkshire, a glowin [...]

The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys
‘Don’t lose faith, you hold the key,’ is a mystical message delivered to Julia Whittenbury several times within The Earth Emperor’s Eye. It’s a message behind a riddle of salvation – of hope for humanity and the natural world. The message is aimed at us all, but will we heed it? The evidence is mounting. A [...]

Pink Rainbow

Pink Rainbow
A rare pink rainbow has been spotted in the sky in the west of England. The phenomenon, seen in Bristol, Taunton and Yate, has been described as an “optical illusion” by experts. People who photographed it described it as amazing and pretty. Pink Rainbow over Bristol Harbour In The Earth Emperor’s Eye, Lucy reveals the majes [...]

Brunswick Shipwreck

The ghostly shipwreck of the Brunswick has been discovered in the shifting sands of the Severn Estuary in the Bristol Channel. The vessel sank on Christmas Eve 1900. The photographs were captured by hydrographic technology, during a survey of the Harbour Area in Bristol by state-of-the-art vessel the Isambard Brunel. Historic Engla [...]


The artist Salvador Dali was famed for his surrealist art and an iconic moustache. Now, 28 years after his death, the artist’s embalmed body was exhumed for DNA testing, revealing his charasmatic moustache to be perfectly preserved.  The handlebars of the moustache were still marking the time of ‘ten to ten’, just as Sa [...]

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