Abandoned Chicks in Crowland

More than 1,000 day-old chicks have been found abandoned in a field in Crowland, Peterborough, England.  RSPCA inspectors called to the scene describe seeing a ‘sea of yellow’ and being greeted by an ‘unbelievable noise’.

Well, in The Earth Emperor’s Eye the opening scene tells how the Grim Dread, confuses jackdaws with crows at his execution in a field. Whilst later in the tale, the Earth Emperor ponders the ‘Chicken and Egg’ conundrum,


“Ah… the chicken and egg conundrum! All faith requires the passage of time, magic and mystique, drama, ritual and life… all parts of the acts of creation.”

Sadly, though, the chicks have since been put to sleep by the RSPCA due to fears over avian flu.  It seems the Grim Dread has come to claim them.

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